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Any album that influences the Beatles has to be good, right? This album is more than good, though… a truly inspiring work from the ever-more-reclusive Brian Wilson, and a total departure from the good times sound for which the Beach Boys were known. Another in a long line of truly great albums that received a luke -warm reception, “Pet Sounds” took 30+ years to go platinum!
All you need to know about this album are these 3 things:
1. George Martin said that “Sgt. Peppers” would never have been made if not for “Pet Sounds.”
2. “God Only Knows” might be the greatest love song ever recorded.
3. Brian Wilson named the album after Phil Spector, and cites “Rubber Soul” as the catalyst for the creative process that was recording “Pet Sounds.”
Any album that cites 60’s era (read: prime) Phil Spector and the Beatles as influences is probably better that 99% of whatever you are listening to… and this album is just that. Amazing record.
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