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Ok, there you go Prince fans. It is his finest work. It is a solid album. It is a soundtrack to a mediocre film. Is it any coincidence that, although it is his sixth album, it is both the first one credited to him and The Revolution, and it is his finest work? I think not.
The band offered some layers of sound that previously weren’t there, plain and simple. In Prince’s defense, though, it is still primarily a Prince album. I just think that adding the band into the mix when writing and recording allowed him to try some new things and ultimately these experimentations are what led to such an awesome record. He and the band seamlessly intertwine R&B, rock, pop, electro, soul, funk and dance music into nine great songs.
One of the most popular soundtracks ever, this album fetched Prince two Grammys and an Oscar. “When Doves Cry” is still a hot track. Overall, a great album from a great musician.
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