It’s 1993 All Over Again!

Further adding to my “Blast From The Past” theme this week, I will speak briefly on the unfortunately named Dead When I Found Her, an Oregon-based industrial band who have released their debut album this week.

Combining the sounds of a mellowed out Nine Inch Nails with a dash of Ministry, this music takes me back. I briefly listened to bands like Front Line Assembly and Skinny Puppy as well, and this makes me fondly remember those days when I just had to be the only person listening to industrial music. I was so cool back then…

Apparently, the band consists of this one guy:

Michael Arthur Holloway

I tried to find a song to embed, but alas, I had no luck. Jump over to his site for a preview, and prepare to be whisked away to a magical time when the US was on the verge of a budget surplus and Nirvana was all the rage…

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