Kings of Leon “Come Around Sundown” is coming soon!

The Kings of Leon have announced details about their forthcoming album, “Come Around Sundown,” on their website. The new album is due out on October 19th.

I, personally, was a late-comer to the party, only starting to dig them after getting to see them live (I shunned Rolling Stone’s cries of “love this band immediately!”). Fortunately for me, they are quite good in concert, and then, fortunately for everybody else, they dropped “Use Somebody,” and now we’re all fans!

This album should be highly anticipated. I hope that their legions of new fans will have open minds, as I should hope that their somewhat new-found success will lead to an album that expands on their talents rather than tries to recreate their previous success on “Only By The Night.”

I guess we’ll find out in October.

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