Kanye West – The Movie

Pretty awesome. If only this music could come in a more humble, likable package. I enjoy almost everything that Mr. West does in the studio (except for that horrible auto-tuned “R&B” album… what a turd), but his ego is just out of control.

I know, I know, sometimes when you are an entertainer, or a professional athlete (or whatever) you have to have some sort of ego to stay on top of your game. But, seriously, he’s outta control! I guess as long as he keeps making music like this, we’ll keep putting up with his temper tantrums, egotistical interview rants and awards show outbursts. But if he tries to sing on his next album…

OK, where was I? Oh yeah. His new full length video brings one landmark video (from my lifetime, at least) to mind: Thriller. Over the top. Over budgeted. Great visuals. Great music. You could even argue that he’s got a little “November Rain” thing going on here but the direct comparison to Thriller can’t be missed (I mean, they are both about a half hour long and both artists are/were at the top of their game when the video’s are/were released). At any rate, this video…er, movie… whatever… is really well done. The more I hate this guy, the more he does something like this that makes me like him.

Tolerate him, at least…

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