Why is it that pretty much everything that The Beasties Boys have ever done… EVER… is so friggin’ amazing? I’m finding it hard to even remember a music video by anyone in else in the recent past, while at the same time I am easily remembering pretty much every music video the The B-Boys have ever released.

Likewise, I am having a hard time finding the track(s) on their most recent album that are the “filler” tracks. Funky Donkey comes close, but still… that’s only one song. Interludes and sketches don’t count as tracks (although they are, admittedly, filler). No, I’m talking about full songs that are horrible and have obviously been thrown onto the album to up the track count. At a time when the music industry has turned into a purveyor of single-use, disposable music of all genres (where entire albums of crap are built around one marketable single), The Beastie Boys remain one of the few artists (especially in hip-hop) that continue to focus on crafting excellent songs without regard to what will sell. And then, they sell a ton of albums.

The Beastie Boys are better than almost all of the music you are listening to right now. Period.

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