Oranje: miXed

And we’re back, with a vengeance. Now that I’ve figured out what the heck is wrong with my site, I can get back to the business of sharing cool stuff. First up is this little number:

Oranje: miXed

Track List:
“Intro” – Ryan Hickey, co-founder of Oranje
“Life, Love Luxury” – The John Stockton Project
“Square Plates” – The Proforms
“The Light (Mike B.’s Instant Classic Remix) – Mic Sol & A.C.E. O.N.E.
“Supercool” – Holistic
“How Oranje Was Born” – Ryan Hickey
“Ghost Before You Know It” – Mudkids
“Save Me” – Oreo Jones
“Feel Me” – Cynthia Layne
“I Am 1!” – Bashiri Asad
“Where Were You? (Mike B. vs. OhBeOne vs. Helicon Three The Devo Way Remix)” – Beta Male
“Pow” – The Breakdown Kings
“Director’s Perspective: The Goal Of Oranje” – Ryan Hickey
“Atmo” – El Carnicero featuring ‘Verse & Alpha Live
“10 Kill Club” – Lunar Event
“The Shape Of Life” – Kink Ador
“Better Mind” – Twin Cats
“Bringing Back The Soul” – Grumpy Old Men
“God Loves Drunk Chicks (Mike B. vs. OhBeOne Secret Subway Electro Mix)” – Andy D.
“What To Expect At Oranje 2011” – Ryan Hickey
“Migraine” – Vicious Guns

Oranje is celebrating its TENTH ANNIVERSARY this Saturday, September 17th at 8pm. Check out me and a gajillion other musicians and artists at this one-of-a-kind event!!! More info can be found at their website, www.oranjeindy.com. Click it.

What, did you miss the download link? Here it is again:

Oranje: miXed

Get your free download on already!

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