About Mike B.

Indianapolis’ own Mike B. (aka DJ Mike B., Dusty Fingertips the Librarian, Iron Chef Naptown, DJ Onion, Mic Reel, the guy on the couch) has been rocking parties of all shapes and sizes since 1995. Although his earliest musical interests were guitars and classic rock, he seemed to find his niche in January of 2000 when he bought his first set of turntables. A true original- whether rocking a set of turntables or putting in work behind the boards- one never knows what’s next. Mike B. has been known to twist and turn from one genre to the next with ease!

Mike B. got his start throwing legendary parties in the mid-90s while attending Indiana University in Bloomington. It was in these early days that he learned to appreciate many different genres of music; he would play anything to make the crowd move: new wave, hip-hop, funk, disco, house music… it didn’t matter as long as the party stayed hype. After moving back to Indy in the late 90s, he worked full time in a record store, amassing the giant collection of music that he still prides himself on today.

In January of 2000, Mike B. found himself behind a set of turntables at a small party. When the turntables’ owner asked him how long he had been spinning, Mike B. replied, “Just a few minutes,” not realizing that the owner thought Mike B. was an established and long-time DJ! Mike B. found out quickly that he had a natural ability behind the decks from this exchange (the turntables’ owner informed him that he was doing things with the turntables that would take most several years to learn). By the end of that month, Mike B. had his own gear and was regularly gigging all over Indy… and then soon up and down the state, throughout the midwest, and on the east coast as well. Mike B. has been lucky enough to be featured along side national and international acts alike, and prides himself on his ability to shape his sets to fit the mood of each event uniquely.

By 2006, Mike B. needed a new challenge, and he decided to head in the only direction that felt natural: production. Starting locally, he remixed a few Indianapolis’ artists, with national and international acts to follow. In just a few short years, he found his music being played in all corners of the globe, with fans reporting in from North and South America, France, Mexico and Australia. Mike B. loves what he does, and his passion is easy to hear in each song he releases.

Mike B. is always working on several remix projects, and is always looking for new artists with whom to collaborate. To book Mike B. for any type of event, or for remixing or collaborative efforts, hit Mike B. up via the contact page. And, as always, stay tuned to this website for free downloads and more!