Music you should already own #22

Mostly orange album cover containing, largely in the right-hand side, random turquoise lines, intersections, doodles, circles, and other abstract shapes. It is captioned "THE STROKES" in the bottom left-hand corner.

Read about it here:
Did you ever hear an album and hope you are the only one who knows about it… like it’s your special secret that you want to tell everyone about but at the same time want to keep all to yourself? That’s how this album was for me; an amazing discovery that I made in 2001 that I wanted to keep from everyone else but, ultimately, could not stop talking about. Great, stripped-down rock tunes, catchy hooks, clever lyrics and grit. This is the kind of “warts-and-all” type of recording that you wish other artists would strive for… they took away the need for studio wizardry by keeping their live takes simple and tight, with minimal overdubs and little to no need for post production. Good stuff.
Mike B.

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