Ahh, to party in London…

In honor of a forthcoming rave in London, Glasgow DJ and apparent 40oz. enthusiast Rustie released this mix, downloadable HERE.


Track list:

Four Tet – Sing
Machinedrum – Make Me
Hudson Mohawke – Freek
Brackles – 6am El Gordos
Ciara ft Ludacris – Ride
Ramadanman – Glut
Lazer Sword – Shot in the Night
DJ Dysu – Deegaan
Mussck – I Slay Speakers
Machinedrum – Fresh Kids [Rustie Resmak]
Halp – Leek
8bitch – G41
Mweslee – Eurocarne
Rustie – Hyperthrust

This is the kind of “I don’t care what you think” attitude sorely missing in most music scenes and mixes these days. When a mix pretty much dismisses the whole “this must be perfect” attitude and returns to some of the hip-hop roots that pioneered the DJ industry (Scratching during a mix?!? That’s crazy!?!), you can bet your ass that most people would tune out. But what those (boring) people would miss is a true example of what the DJ as an artist should be: a “warts-and-all” type of performer that plays what they like, when they like it, boring people be damned. But they would also miss out on an incredibly good mix, as it’s obvious that the rough edges are there on purpose. This mix showcases a unique performer, and makes me long for the music scene that he must live and work in: an open-minded free-for-all where patrons appreciate what is going on all around them, regardless of “popular” opinion. Those that live in this scene must truly try to embrace all forms of expression for their own good, as opposed to the “wait for the masses to tell me what is cool” attitude that seems to permeate a lot of the scenes I’ve been thrown into lately.

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