Music you should already own: Soundtrack Edition!

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Read about it here:
Here are two amazing soundtracks that couldn’t be any more different. I have a hard time deciding which of these two is my favorite soundtrack ever, but they both are certainly near the top of the list. “Stop Making Sense” might as well be called “The Talking Heads Greatest Hits,” although the re-release 15th Anniversary edition is closer to a “Hits” record than the original. An amazing performance by an incredibly unique band at the height of their powers.
“The Crow,” on the other hand, is a collection of covers with a few originals thrown in for spice. A dark and brooding album (matching the timbre of the picture), this soundtrack still gets played front to back in my car on the regular. Would you believe, out of these two amazing soundtracks, that “The Crow” was the one to peak at #1 on the Billboard Chart? I would.
Grab both of these now. Play “The Crow” on a long drive to somewhere and then play “Stop Making Sense” on the drive back.
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