Chali 2na – “Gadget Go Go”

A new track from Jurassic 5’s signature voice (in my opinion) is here for your approval. Check it out:

Chali 2na – “Gadget Go Go”

The track is produced by Rusko and will be featured on a forthcoming Chali 2na solo album. So you’ve got that going for you. Which is nice.

EDIT (5/17 8pm): I’m not trying to say that Akil, Zaakir, and/or Mark 7even aren’t great rappers, and that Jurassic 5 isn’t a fantastic group effort (including the amazing talents of DJ Nu-Mark and the one and only Cut Chemist)… but when you hear them on record, whose voice stands out? I mean, come on… That’s all I meant about “signature voice.” Settle down.

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