Various unrelated soccer stuff…

The “World’s” reaction to Landon Donovan’s goal… if the world was only as big as South Africa, France and, um, Arkansas… still a pretty cool video. Check it out:

And while I’m on the subject of SportsCenter commercials (wait, what?), here are a couple of funny ones:

Of course, all of that searching led to me watching a bunch of SportsCenter commercials, which are almost always hilarious. And, it lead me to find this great clip of Arnold Palmer. First, I watched the SportsCenter commercial where he pours his namesake drink (one half tea, one half lemonade, for the five people who weren’t aware of how to make an “Arnold Palmer.”). Then, I found this clip, where he uses an “Arnold Palmer” in a very interesting golfing skill display. Just watch.

So, um, what was I talking about?

Saturday. US versus Ghana. My prediction: 1-0… USA! USA! USA! USA!

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