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the Diamond Age Cover Art

From Audio Recon:

The Algebraists is a two man group made up of emcee, Yeti-One and super producer, 90 Lbs. The two came together to create this project entitled, “The Diamond Age.” 90 lbs, usually known for his sample based beats, took a break from the sampling to charge forward with a crushing blow of original synthesizers and stutter step drums. The electronically packed music is sure to get you in a frenzy of fist pounding, foot stomping insanity. Yeti-One compliments the music extremely well with low-end vocal harmonies and lyrics. Yes…he sings and raps. “The Diamond Age” flexes all lyrical strategies and techniques as well as production styles from outer space. With a sound never heard before in the hip-hop community, The Algebraists have put together something super special with their release of “The Diamond Age.”

Go get some free music right now. Seriously. Because I don’t know how long it will be free, but I do know that this music is some of the most interesting stuff coming out of Indy right now.


Do it.

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