The LEGO Invasion is nigh!

Giant LEGO Man Appears On Florida Beach | Games Blog – Yahoo! Games.

You can check out the story of the LEGO invasion above. But I swear, if I see one of these giant dudes anywhere near me, I’m yanking his head off immediately.

The fact that this has happened 3 times now, and that the LEGO company is denying involvement (in all 3 cases) is frightening. Somewhere a mad scientist is creating these giants for some sort of diabolical scheme. My guess is to build a life-size LEGO Death Star. That’s what I’d do, at least.

Anyway, it might be time to build a LEGO bunker and stock it with canned goods. These giant dudes mean business, I’m sure, and they are resourceful and industrious. Have you seen some of these LEGO playsets these days? Anyone who can build one of those is surely to be taken seriously. I’m outfitting my bunker with a giant stash of those tiny LEGO guns. Better safe than sorry.


Oranje: miXed

And we’re back, with a vengeance. Now that I’ve figured out what the heck is wrong with my site, I can get back to the business of sharing cool stuff. First up is this little number:

Oranje: miXed

Track List:
“Intro” – Ryan Hickey, co-founder of Oranje
“Life, Love Luxury” – The John Stockton Project
“Square Plates” – The Proforms
“The Light (Mike B.’s Instant Classic Remix) – Mic Sol & A.C.E. O.N.E.
“Supercool” – Holistic
“How Oranje Was Born” – Ryan Hickey
“Ghost Before You Know It” – Mudkids
“Save Me” – Oreo Jones
“Feel Me” – Cynthia Layne
“I Am 1!” – Bashiri Asad
“Where Were You? (Mike B. vs. OhBeOne vs. Helicon Three The Devo Way Remix)” – Beta Male
“Pow” – The Breakdown Kings
“Director’s Perspective: The Goal Of Oranje” – Ryan Hickey
“Atmo” – El Carnicero featuring ‘Verse & Alpha Live
“10 Kill Club” – Lunar Event
“The Shape Of Life” – Kink Ador
“Better Mind” – Twin Cats
“Bringing Back The Soul” – Grumpy Old Men
“God Loves Drunk Chicks (Mike B. vs. OhBeOne Secret Subway Electro Mix)” – Andy D.
“What To Expect At Oranje 2011” – Ryan Hickey
“Migraine” – Vicious Guns

Oranje is celebrating its TENTH ANNIVERSARY this Saturday, September 17th at 8pm. Check out me and a gajillion other musicians and artists at this one-of-a-kind event!!! More info can be found at their website, Click it.

What, did you miss the download link? Here it is again:

Oranje: miXed

Get your free download on already!